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PhD Dissertations
5. February 2017 Han Jong Chul
  Optimizing the Energy-Selective X-ray Imaging with Large-Area Flat-Panel Imagers
4. February 2015 Youn Hanbean
  X-ray physics-based modeling of computed tomography systems
3. August 2014 Yun Seungman
  Analytic model of the signal and noise transfers in x-ray imaging detectors and its applications
2. August 2012 Cho Min Kook
  A study on limited-angle tomography using filtered backprojection and self-layer subtraction methods
1. August 2012 Lim Chang Hwy
  Analysis of the signal and noise characteristics in digital mammography detectors using Monte Carlo methods
MS Theses
13. February 2018 Park Junbeom
  A Study on the Weighted Log-Subtraction for Single-Shot Dual-Energy Imaging
12. August 2017 Kim Jinwoo
  Monte Calro analysis of the absorbed dose distributions in dental cone-beam computed tomography
11. August 2017 Park Eunpyeong
  A Study on the Properties of Neural-network Filters for Bone-suppressed Digital Radiogrpahy
10. August 2017 Park Jiwoong
  Design of scintillation detectors for a high-energy x-ray inspection system
9. February 2017 Kim Daecheon
  Impulse-response analysis of digital tomosynthesis for PCB inspection
8. February 2017 Kim Seung Ho
  X-ray microtomography with multilayer detectors for small-animal imaging
7. February 2016 Kim Junwoo
  Characterization of the spectral separation filter of the multilayer detector for bone-enhanced mouse imaging
6. February 2013 Park Ha Ryung

Mechanical modeling of breasts for deformable image registration in multi-modal imaging systems

(in Korean)

5. August 2012 Jang Sun Young

Empirical investigation of the signal and noise characteristic in cone-beam microtomography

4. August 2012 Joe Okla
  Characterization of mercuric-iodide photoconductor detectors for mammography
3. August 2008 Han Jong Chul
  Development of CAD files extraction software based on CT data (in Korean)
2. February 2008 Cheong Min Ho
  Performance evaluation of the amorphous selenium flat panel detector for digital radiography (in Korean)
1. August 2007 Shon Cheol-Soon
  Enhancement of image sharpness in x-ray digital tomosynthesis using self-layer subtraction backprojection method (in Korean)